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The Persimmon Tree

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Four Reasons Why Persimmon Trees Drop Fruit (And Other Fruit Trees as Well!)

In fall, as the leaves begin to drop, it stands beautifully loaded with fruits the color of a desert sunset, which stand out in stark contrast against the blue autumn sky. I like to wait until after a substantial frost before harvesting, to make sure the fruit is fully ripe. Dead-ripe persimmons fall off the tree on their own. Unfortunately, our most productive tree is in a pasture, where cows, chickens, and wildlife clean up the fallen fruit. So, we drive our Suzuki mini truck beneath the tree and pick the fruits while standing in the truck bed. Persimmons need to be soft and willing to release from the branches with a gentle tug. You can also lay a tarp on the ground and give the tree a firm shake to dislodge the ripe fruits. After harvest, we wash the persimmons before processing them with a manual food mill, or a simple wire strainer.

You can use the pulp right away, or pack it into small containers in the freezer for future use. Unripened persimmons contain the soluble tannin shibuol, which, upon contact with a weak acid, polymerizes in the stomach and forms a gluey coagulum, a "foodball" or phytobezoar , that can affix with other stomach matter. Though persimmon trees belong to the same genus as ebony trees, persimmon tree wood has a limited use in the manufacture of objects requiring hard wood. It is hard, but cracks easily and is somewhat difficult to process. Persimmon wood is used for paneling in traditional Korean and Japanese furniture. In North America, the lightly colored, fine-grained wood of D.

It is also used to produce the shafts of some musical percussion mallets and drumsticks. Persimmon wood was also heavily used in making the highest-quality heads of the golf clubs known as "woods" until the golf industry moved primarily to metal woods in the last years of the 20th century. In fact, the first metal woods made by TaylorMade , an early pioneer of that club type, were branded as "Pittsburgh Persimmons". Persimmon woods are still made, but in far lower numbers than in past decades. Over the last few decades persimmon wood has become popular among bow craftsmen, especially in the making of traditional longbows. Persimmon wood is used in making a small number of wooden flutes and eating utensils such as wooden spoons and cornbread knives wooden knives that may cut through the bread without scarring the dish.

Like some other plants of the genus Diospyros , older persimmon heartwood is black or dark brown in color, in stark contrast to the sapwood and younger heartwood, which is pale in color. In Ozark folklore , the severity of the upcoming winter is said to be predictable by slicing a persimmon seed and observing the cutlery -shaped formation within it. Ripe kaki, soft enough to remove the calyx and split the fruit for eating. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the edible fruit. For other uses, see Persimmon disambiguation. Edible fruit. Main article: Diospyros.

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Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution. ISSN S2CID Foods from Spain. Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 22 January Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. PMID October Journal of Wood Science. They can also handle warm temperatures, up to Zone 9. They're not as likely to fruit in desert climates but do best in areas where deciduous trees proliferate and like a moderate amount of humidity. Persimmons like loamy soil but are generally happy without extra fertilizer.

If your soil is not very rich, add some good soil amendments when planting your persimmon tree to give it a healthy start. There are a variety of persimmon cultivars available, categorized as "astringent" and "non-astringent" which affect when they can be eaten. An astringent cultivar must be soft before it can be eaten, but a non-astringent cultivar may be eaten crisp like an apple. However, all American persimmon cultivars, unlike the Asian persimmon, are classified as astringent. The Asian persimmon has a very wide range of cultivars. When it comes to the American persimmon, because it isn't widely cultivated, there is a much more limited selection and often they will be sold under the general name with no information about the type of cultivar.

If you are looking for something specific, it would be best to seek out a specialist nursery. Some of the more readily available cultivars known for large, tasty fruit include Claypool, Dollywood, and Early Golden. Because of their pungent astringency, it is important to let American persimmons ripen fully before picking. They also continue to ripen after they are picked. It is best to allow them to become fully soft to appreciate their full sweet taste.

The fruits ripen in late autumn and may remain on the tree into winter, providing a sweet treat for lucky birds and other wildlife. While the fruit looks large for a berry, that is, in fact, its morphological form similar to a tomato.

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