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Current Controversies Immigration

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Though immigration reform is a widely discussed topic, a little known feature of immigration laws and proposals in Congress is the impact of immigration policy on current citizens and their citizenship rights. For instance, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of required American citizens, for the first time, to prove they were citizens in order to work. The proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill passed by the Senate would undermine citizen rights even further by requiring high tech ID matches through facial recognition schemes between profiles kept in a Department of Homeland Security databank and cards Americans would have to present in order to be eligible to work. This means the combination of law and technology degrade citizenship and citizen rights.

In the most fundamental sense, being a citizen means not having to prove it in order to exercise your rights. If you are a citizen, you can simply exercise those rights without government interference. This is especially true for the fundamental rights to vote, to take employment, and to travel, and it is why ID requirements to exercise each of these rights, even in the face of national security concerns, contradict what it means to be an American citizen.

More candidates and public officials as prominent citizens need to understand and embody the power, best qualities, and fullest meaning of citizenship for America. Embedded in the foundations of citizenship rights are also less recognized rights of citizenship, including the right to enter, live in, live freely, and leave the U. Like voting, working and traveling, identification requirements to engage in these basic freedoms undermine the foundations of citizen rights.

The lukewarm recognition and defense of these rights leave them at risk. The third presidential debate in Las Vegas highlighted the difference between the candidates on citizenship and immigration, and gambled up the additional risks that rhetorical flourishes against such meaningful topics raise. Because citizenship, immigration, national security and national IDs are at the heart of current and future controversies about what it means to be American, more is at stake for U. Richard Sobel is a political scientist, and author and editor of eight books and numerous scholarly, law and policy articles.

Keep up with the latest from Cambridge University Press on our social media accounts. Under President Barack Obama, the unit prioritized removing those undocumented immigrants who had committed serious crimes, but the Trump administration has broadened its mandate to target anyone in the US illegally. The agency also houses a Homeland Security Investigations HSI unit which targets major border-related crimes such as the trafficking of drugs, weapons and human beings, as well as a much smaller legal services department. Because of this multipart structure, even some Ice agents believe it should be abolished, although likely not in the way that activists are calling for. US immigration. US immigration: what is Ice and why is it controversial? Family separations at the border are driving calls to abolish the agency seen as villain.

Protest at an Ice immigration detention facility in LA on 30 June, Jamiles Lartey in New Orleans. Thu 5 Jul

At that point, America is their home. Those Current Controversies Immigration reached a new dramatic pitch on Wednesday when Current Controversies Immigration woman Current Controversies Immigration the pedestal of the Statue of Current Controversies Immigration, and at least six protesters were arrested Current Controversies Immigration hanging Current Controversies Immigration banner calling Current Controversies Immigration the Current Controversies Immigration of The Genocide Of The Holocaust. It gives a platform for people from diverse backgrounds to University Education Vs University Life together and share their Current Controversies Immigration. Detractors believe that Israel is guilty of human rights violations against Palestinians.