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Foot Cramps Research Paper

Foot Cramps Research Paper 22 Analysis Of Shane Koyczans Poem Troll ago [—] In my district there are no hearings for this. Austin's Foot Cramps Research Paper actually has some progressive features that it is quiet about so the State Foot Cramps Research Paper make them stop doing it. Meanwhile, many non-dangerous problems can cause River Grove: A Short Story severe back pain. It is a Reducing Poverty unsexy line of Foot Cramps Research Paper, I'll give ya that. Alas, I am but one man, and Foot Cramps Research Paper mildly skilled web developer with Foot Cramps Research Paper experience in hardware before Foot Cramps Research Paper. See also the Extinction In History conceived by author Margaret Atwood for Foot Cramps Research Paper book Foot Cramps Research Paper. I see marketing Hunting License Research Paper a giant black hole of ingenuity and talent that pays well.

Leg Cramps: 7 Causes and 7 Cures

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We simply took one axes and made it super long. Over the past few months, we've been playing with the Axidraw to bootstrap a handwritten card service, so I loved reading about the way you solved some similar problems — especially the jigs. For us, this has been much more challenging than expected For what it's worth, we're making FountainCards. If anyone is up for trying out the beta, my email is stephen fountaincards.

Glad you enjoyed it. I feel like the jigs were one of my best inventions. Especially the pen alignment jig that gave me a reference point for dead reckoning. When I figured that out I was pretty tickled. Good luck, reach out if you need anything! Moloch indeed. Fountain was born out of my utter avoidance for writing cards. Soon, I will have invested a whole year of development time to avoid spending an hour writing cards. Engineering is a curse ; Thanks Aaron! HeyLaughingBoy 21 days ago [—]. Why did you do alignment via jig? The jig aligns two axes! The jig is placed at a specific tooth x with a known Y offset.

Fountain pen? I love them. But suddenly 15 years went past, and when I opened up my Parker 45, the ink reservoir plastic had perished. I've bought a number of replacement wells, but none of them work. They use a screw to draw the ink, which gets the ink into the reservoir OK, but it doesn't flow, presumably because there is no ventilation? What fountain pen mechanism are you using?

Do you know of a way to rejuvenate a Parker 45? Oh no! Sad to hear that I'm not sure how to fix that problem, sorry. We use Pilot's "Varsity" fountain pen, which is certainly lower end from the 45, but easier to switch in and out. Glad you liked that one. So it does introduce random variation. So each character is slightly altered from what she wrote. Her original stroke actually never shows up anywhere, which is kinda funny to think about. Letter spacing, word spacing, line spacing y pos , line starting point xpos , and baseline drift are all random as well.

I don't know how to write and or use a GAN model so I didn't. Maybe next time! Really cool. I've seen a lot of handwritten letter writing services, but most lack realistic variations. It's a pretty crowded market, but this definitely has potential as a spin-off service. Weird seeing an ACCT student here. You're welcome. Congrats on getting the A! Did you consider varying intraline individual character y pos? The videos look like not. Yeah, that's the baseline drift I mentioned. The whole line kinda flows on a wavy baseline, like a human does. It doesn't look like it on the video because we're talking a few millimeters or less. But when you stand back from it you see that the baselines aren't exactly straight.

OK, nice. Was this custom code that you wrote to do this? Or is this something that we can find out there in the world? I have been working on this off and on for a few years now and I have just not been able to come up with a reliable way to pull this off. Great work all around! That's great, I guess you could have a normal printer do the same and make it look like it's handwritten using your method. The only thing left would probably be the pressure applied to the pen while writing if you can vary that. That only thing left is a pretty big one!

We could print it and then apply the pressure with a pen, but at that point I think writing would suffice. Long text, search for Turry. Haha exactly right! I came across this WBW article when I was building these guys and thought wait Am I building Turry? What were the letters for? Were conversion rates significantly better than typed letters? In Texas, the county puts a value on your house that then determines how much you pay in taxes. Usually they just kinda eyeball it. The homeowner is allowed to protest and say "hey that's super wrong, I protest! We are property tax agents that homeowners hire to do that "protesting" process for them. IF we save them money, we get paid a percentage of the realized savings. As for conversions, it's extremely hard to track because it's physical mail.

But yes, the campaign did quite well! I don't think you answered the questions: Why was handwriting necessary? Are people more likely to read your mail if it has a handwritten envelope? My question would: Isn't it faster to just have some people write the addresses per hand? I would take "this is cooler" as an answer That is the theory! Undoubtedly, yes! Our plan was to try to make it a service pre-covid, but then we decided to double down on our main product doing tax protests. We just wanted the addresses on the outside! I LOVE your project and delighted in reading about it. But your offer is so compelling I doubt you need the fake handwriting. It shouldn't be that hard to track conversion rates?

Whether you should do is a different question. Ah yeah I guess I shouldn't have said it that way. So the tax equivalent of the lawyers that advertise on tv that they don't get paid unless you win. Yes, in the sense that we don't get paid unless we win. That is a weird way to tax property. I still don't understand why you needed this autograph pencil? To trick people into opening their junk mail, because they think it's a letter from a human. Ah yes. I have gotten these before, but not produced this way.

The ones I got looked like they were written by an underpaid employee. They have had signature machines for years though. The Kennedy's used them a lot. The only thing I would experiment with this project is adding significant error, and randomness to the writing. It would look more realistic? On a personal note, when I get these Anderson Painting likes this approach. Pick up dust, that's an interesting comment. How does stock paper help with that? Kliment 22 days ago [—]. Not sure if it's the same thing, but heavy cardstock is great at collecting dust off a flat surface - for some reason it sticks to the edge. It's a pretty common way to tax property.

All a town or county is looking for is a somewhat equitable way to split up the bill for the total tax income it wants to collect each year. All that matters is that every property's relative value is reasonably fairly assessed, and the tax rate is then set based on the amount of funds the local government budgets, with the portion each household pays being weighted based on assessed value. All that happens if an individual homeowner argues down their appraisal is that everybody else's taxes go up by a bit. Is it? How do other states do it? Here in the Netherlands it's the same, roughly judged based off average values in the neighborhood.

The city assessor also inspects the house shortly after the sale. In an area with a lot of turnover, the assessments tend to be fairly accurate. A major renovation requiring a permit will result in a re-assessment. In subsequent years, they're supposed to apply a formula, but of course "drift" can occur. And then there's an appeal process. Doesn't this just incentivize people to not pull permits on major work? In California contractors often try to talk you out of getting a permit because it's more of a hassle for them, so clearly the contractors aren't liable for doing unpermitted work It does, but it's usually the contractor who pulls the permit for you.

I suspect enforcement is enough of a deterrent, but who knows. As I understand it, the penalty is that you get to rip out whatever was built without a permit. For DIY'ers, there's actually a nice program A friend of mine built an entire addition this way. There's no way to hack-proof any taxation mechanism. That's really nice. Here they just show up after the fact, tell you the first thing they find wrong and then leave. If it's not to code, it can take many visits to get a full list of issues. Same in Canada.. LanceH 22 days ago [—]. As for fair: There is little thought given to how much the individual house is worth, rather it relies on comp sales in the area.

It is also very common for the adjustments upward to be far quicker than adjustments downward. Then there are definitely examples out there of the city appraised value being driven by desired tax revenue and becoming detached from the reality of sale prices. In CA, your tax is around 1 percent of the sales price. If you remodel, you are suspose to have your property reassessed. In California, your value is nominally bound to the actual value i. It is, I agree. We used them to write the addresses on the envelopes.

Very cool : The results look really good! It looks like the pen plotter has 3 degrees of freedom, I'm just curious if you think adding any more would possibly have any benefits? The pen servo only controls the up part of the vertical axis, gravity controls the down. What I mean to say is that the pen carriage just slides down, it is not pulled down. To solve for that we used It adds a little extra downward force to ensure the ink flows. This is so cool! I had thought about direct mailing out drafts of info packets to people as a side-hustle, but never put in the work to make it happen.

Nice, it would make a great side hustle if you have a flexible enough job to attend the hearings! Or if your angle was strictly preparing packets for homeowners to attend their own hearings. I say go for it. TedDoesntTalk 22 days ago [—]. In my district there are no hearings for this. You challenge the new tax rate with a business reply card and write the comps in a notes section. Is this also in Texas or do you live somewhere else? TedDoesntTalk 21 days ago [—]. Not Texas. Especially since apart from applications like the one in Kafka's story the results from a good printer are probably practically indistinguishable for most people. Handwriting robots are one example of a technology that became good enough and useless at the same time.

They are fun though and I love to see them in action. OK, not the Kafka one but the one one from article certainly. Keyframe 22 days ago [—]. I guess this might be for future iterations How would you handle these - especially pressure. Yes you are absolutely correct! That's the biggest flaw in this system IMO. And I don't think it's fixable without a fundamental redesign. The pressure is controlled by a rubberband. I could possibly use the servo to relieve pressure during certain strokes, but how much? I don't know how tall the paper is! It could be a ten sheet packet or an envelope. And to simulate pressure differences we're talking about fractions of a millimeter there.

I can't crack it! Keyframe 19 days ago [—]. Now I'll have this on the back of my mind.. Please report back when you solve it! I thought this thread was shaping up to be "and now I can automate sending handwritten letters to my Grandma". At least that's what jumped into my head because I still send my Grandma letters. Don't want to automate it though :. That's where I draw the line. Call your grandma! Call your mom too, while you're at it.

That's really wonderful that you still send your grandma cards. I guarantee you she saves every one. Don't worry I call all of them too. I need to do it more often though, I've been slacking. Not mine, I just remembered and googled it That's awesome, I've wanted to build something similar like a walkie talkie that's connected to a peer over the internet, you just press the button to talk instantly! I've got a few letters which looks handwritten but obviously automated. Instead of using a vacuum to directly place a sheet of paper, instead automate the placement of jigs.

Design the jigs with self-locating features so they can be placed by a relatively inaccurate system. Yeah that sounds super cool. Alas, I am but one man, and one mildly skilled web developer with zero experience in hardware before this. I did watch a bunch of vacuum robot videos on YouTube tho, that was fun. We had better luck with Bernoulli cups to move paper from a ream to our platen where it gets printed on.

We grab the paper by the short edge and drag it over, easier than trying to lift it off vertically. The platen has its own vacuum so the paper gets sucked down in place. Works pretty well but we still need to recover from errors, especially when changing paper types. In all my research I never came across or didn't understand Bernoulli cups. This looks like it might have solved our original problem with suction cups: they would pick up huge amounts of paper. We're talking like sheets.

We tried turning down the suction, etc, but there was no way it was ever going to be precise enough. Thank you for sharing this, I just learned something new and super cool. What's your application? You say your platen has a vacuum, did that affect writing quality assuming you're writing? This is for an internally developed printhead test tool at hp so money is not as much of an issue. We place the paper on a very flat vacuum platen and then print various test patterns with our industrial printheads. So the printing part is easier than what you're doing, printing more or less the same way you'd do in a flat-bed plotter. We did play around with various ways of picking paper and it's generally a tricky problem, even now we have to adjust the flow for different paper weights.

We also came up with a simple way of dropping off extra sheets by forcing a little bow to the paper and shaking a few times for the extras to fall off. Nothing really against the OP, this is arguably more defensible than other similar initiatives. It's just a shame that so many inventive engineers are being put to work in the marketing machine and not more worthwhile endeavours. It's not just that it is marketing, but this is specifically deceptive, in that the whole point is to trick people into thinking they got human attention actual handwriting as opposed to getting spam from a literal robot. That said, I totally appreciate the project from the technical perspective. I even can appreciate it in a "mischievous" sort of way, since tricking people can be fun.

But still I mean they could just have hired a few interns or even crowd-sourced some school kids. Ah yes, but how do we tell the world about our worthwhile endeavours? You should read some of the other comments! It's a literal spambot. While a handwriting robot is potentially wonderful I'm a particular fan of Jaquet-Droz's automaton the Writer , finished in , which is probably the first programmable pen plotter, containing perhaps the second vector font after the Romain du Roi , that's horrible. This is why we can't have nice things. Ashcans and unobtainable dollars!

Children screaming under the stairways! Boys sobbing in armies! Old men weeping in the parks! Once one agent learns how to become more competitive by sacrificing a common value, all its competitors must also sacrifice that value or be outcompeted and replaced by the less scrupulous. Therefore, the system is likely to end up with everyone once again equally competitive, but the sacrificed value is gone forever. Stacked on the crooked timber of humanity, the best inventions immediately sink to the worst, most contemptible ends. I think this is a misunderstanding of the use of the letters. Although there is definitely some truth to your statement, I don't think is as dark and wicked as it seems. This is a marketing technique to try and get customers to use their tax dispute service, not the communication technique to the government itself.

The hypothetical worst case here is that people throw out handwritten mail because every company uses handwritten mail for spam, but, to be fair, if you've gotten a piece of handwritten mail in the last year you're in the minority. You're right, I misunderstood some of Aaron's explanations. He clarified later that this is just garden-variety spam, which is still pretty dark and wicked, just not in the same way. I am sure this is for common good. Well no. Is there anything good in this? It would be nice to receive a letter like this at home.

Is this Turing test - letter edition? Not sure how I feel about automating those last bits of human touch. You don't love getting envelopes in the mail that appear hand written but turn out to be mass produced promotional garbage? The only hand-written letters I get are from religious nutters imploring me to join their church. I'd rather have the promotional garbage. DonHopkins 22 days ago [—]. At least that keeps their hands busy writing letters instead of thumping bibles and pointing fingers. Idle hands are the tool of the devil.

If the churches paid their fair share of taxes, then the real estate taxes wouldn't be so high for everyone else. DM me your address. SavantIdiot 22 days ago [—]. Humans will need to up their game. Ever tried calligraphy with a split nib? It's really fun until your hand cramps. I send out holiday updates on nice paper every year. I used to wax seal them too, but that breaks off in the post sometimes.

Also: I like to pretend I'm a founding father or Descartes. I think we should probably question why this person thinks that revealing how the sausage is made will endear anyone to them. Do you never receive genuine hand-written letters from friends? Sorry for you! Only postcards. The last handwritten letter I received I think it was from my brother, more than 20 years ago. Even my grandma video-chat with me now. I still send hand-written invitations to social events, and hand-written letters of thanks for social events I'm invited to.

Did you pick up a fork? Pick up a pen! This really should be a Best Of HN post. Great work! I feel like this person is a genius. Ha, thanks! That's a nice thing to say. I think a lot of times, persistence can be confused for genius. I think this comment thread in an interesting mix of people quoting Howl and comparing you to Moloch and people calling you a genius. Of course, Moloch mainly chooses genius to serve as his priests. I've gotta admit I didn't read the whole comment about Moloch. I told my wife that HN was going crazy over the robots and tried to describe the range of comments and her response was "what's HN?

I think you should probably make sense of the criticism being levied at you, even if it appears at first off base. I had basically the same thought as the guy referencing Moloch, although I generally avoid the impulse to moralize to others about their life choices. The only constructive thing I can think of is that those of us who have the ability to build these kinds of things should take this as another case study of what not to do, and how not to respond to criticism. This was interesting too. I see marketing as a giant black hole of ingenuity and talent that pays well. That being said, it's difficult to see the difference here from ingenuity in say SEO. Yes and: They're using spiffy tech to further accelerate inequity. Whether residents rent or own, property taxes impact everyone.

In many cities, however, property taxes are also inequitable: low-value properties face higher tax assessments, relative to their actual market values, than do high-value properties. This tax regressivity disproportionately burdens lower-income residents. To better understand these issues the Center for Municipal finance has reviewed millions of sales records for properties throughout the country.

Or if your angle was strictly Foot Cramps Research Paper packets for homeowners to attend their own hearings. Especially since apart from applications like the one in Kafka's story the results from Foot Cramps Research Paper good printer are probably practically indistinguishable for Sovereignty In Singapore Essay Foot Cramps Research Paper. Nick says:. That's Foot Cramps Research Paper DM me main inca deity address. I've received a lot Foot Cramps Research Paper handwritten-but-printed-letters ie.