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Weekly Planner Reflection

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Weekly Planning- A Video from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Planners and organizers are a must if your New Year's resolution includes trying to put your best, most productive self forward. Regardless of if you're looking for something pretty to stick on your desk or a more functional option to help you stay motivated throughout the school year, check out this list of the best planners, which range in size, layout and design, to find an organization style that best fits your needs. A bonus: Most of these picks are affordable, available to order on Amazon, and will arrive at your door in two days or less if you're a Prime member , of course. And if you're new to the wonderful and organized world of planning, then consider starting out with one of the undated options just in case you get off track after week one.

Or better yet, go for one with a pretty cover design since it may encourage you to finally put pen to paper. Infuse science into your day-to-day life with this planner and gratitude journal that focuses on creating habits, not just to-do lists. Start and end each day, week, and month by checking in on your priorities, goals, and end-of-day wins.

No, you're not seeing double: This Panda Planner is similar to the original version, but its Rocketbook technology lets you save a digital copy of your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack or another app of your choice. Then you can wipe the planner pages clean to start fresh. Simplify your life with this do-it-all planner that goes beyond your to-do list: It's packed with organizing inspo and our very best clutter-busting tricks to make your most beautiful and inspiring year yet. You'll also find plenty of GH goodness: delicious recipes, genius self-care tips, decor ideas for every season, and more, more, more!

This planner's aim is the same as yours: for you to be your best self yet. This structured, undated format helps you break down week goals into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. That way you can maximize productivity while keeping your eyes on the big picture. The brighter the planner, the less likely it is to get lost in the shuffle. This undated planner by Clever Fox categorizes your day into five key areas: productivity, passion, motivation, happiness, and focus. Every planner lover knows the power of a pen loop.

Combine it with a back pocket and assortment of color-coded stickers , and you have a winner. Just like the name implies, this is the ideal planner for tweens, teens, and any Emma Chamberlain fans aiming to balance fun with functionality. Along with the undated planner pages, it's full of puzzles, mood boards, games, and guided journal prompts. Just carrying this planner in your bag will make you more productive, right? This format, based off the Ivy Lee Method , breaks your day into three sections: most important, secondary, and additional tasks.

Once your work — er, day — is done, rate your productivity level on a scale from one to Get two planners for the price of one: Instead of lugging around a heavy month planner, opt for this six-month planner duo. Always know what you need to do next. Instantly access video calls with one click. Automate daily recaps, weekly reflection, or any other routine you can dream up. Stop letting work fall through the cracks. Instantly see what's on your plate. Use Cases. Feature: Planner Roadmap and win today See your meetings and tasks in one place, pulled from tools you already use. Explore Product Try it Free. My journey has, in many ways, taken me from one app to the next. When I discovered Friday, I felt like I found the holy grail of planning.

For me, I could instantly adapt my planning process and routines into a highly flexible and adaptable tool. Derek Newman — Senior Educational Instructor. Your path to a productive day Make sure you are working on the right things. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.

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