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Crystal Meth Research Paper

Deforestation in malaysia fact Crystal Meth Research Paper that the drug was not produced to be used Increased risk itoring for drug use. Crystal Meth Research Paper - Causing Bodily Harm. Austin Kyle Thomas Thomas 1. The diversity Crystal Meth Research Paper Atticus Finch Interview in Crystal Meth Research Paper. Crystal Meth Research Paper Words 4 Pages Abstract This study examines thoroughly how Crystal Meth Research Paper crystal meth effects an individual and society, the paper aims to Crystal Meth Research Paper how harmful this drug is, and how people get Crystal Meth Research Paper by the drug named methamphetamine or referred Crystal Meth Research Paper as Crystal Meth Research Paper crystal meth.

Why Is Meth So Addictive?

If you were going to snort or swallow crystal meth it could take up to 20 minutes to take effect in your body, which is not long. Crystal meth can also be injected or smoked. There are so many different ways to use crystal meth but I do not advise any of those ways at all. Now if Crystal Meth is to be snorted. Using the bio-psycho- social perspective there are four possible determining factors that might led him to the rememberable day in Claremont. Anthony Yankowski The documentary Fresno - A City Addicted to Crystal Meth, by Louis Theroux addresses the epidemic of crystal methamphetamine addiction that is overwhelming the streets of this low socioeconomic city in California.

The diversity Theroux finds in each. The authors of this article are Matthew J. Mimiaga, Sari L. Crystal Meth Paper Words 5 Pages. Before watching the videos on crystal meth I was very uneducated when it came to the drug. After watching the Oprah Winfrey Show and Meth is Death video, it was very easy for me to come to the conclusion that crystal meth is a very intense and addictive drug. On the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah describes crystal meth as being the most dangerous drug in America and the biggest problem officers face concerning drugs.

She also says crystal meth is not popular with a particular group of people. Rather, it crosses every group. Oprah has a few guests who were addicted to crystal meth and share their addiction experiences. The guests consist of Chantel, Megan, Michelle, and Jay. It changed her mood and appearance, but still managed to hide her addiction from her parents. Polymorphism can also result from the existence of different conformers of the same molecule in conformational polymorphism. In pseudo polymorphism the different crystal types are the result of hydration or solvation. Molecular Crystal Structures Crystalline and amorphous are the two categories of solids.

Crystalline solids are those that have a long range order and are rigid. This means that the atoms, molecules or ions are in a specific position. Glass is an example of the other category of solids and is an amorphous solid. Amorphous solids are different than crystalline since these solids do not have a structured arrangement and long-range order of molecules. Crystalline solids have a structure that has a lattice characteristic and is most efficient when closely packed together. Ionic, covalent, molecular, and metallic are the four types of crystals. These crystals are different because of their structures and properties that include their melting point, hardness, density forces that hold the crystal particles together. This method can be applied to various areas of drug research, quality control and manufacturing.

Examining the changes in the crystal structures, using the low frequency light waves can be applied to how a human body absorbs drugs. The need was discovered when a certain drug was not used right away. The drug structure changed into a crystallized solid and was not able to be dissolved or absorbed by the human body in this state. The London dispersion forces help to predict crystal structures of many different substances. There are many different environmental factors that can affect how crystals form. Those factors include humidity, temperature, and light Introduction The following is a basic report with regards to three specific questions which will be answered, centered on material studies.

The first question is based around work hardening, the changes in the atomic structure as a result thereof and the reason why some materials are more susceptible to work hardening than others. The second question is based on the process of embrittlement, as well as listing a few different ways in which embrittlement can occur. The third and last question is based on the significance of heat affected zones, with special emphasis on the effects with regards to steel. Work hardening Work hardening is a phenomenon found in metallic materials, where deformations in the metals have led to the metal itself becoming strengthened, or harder as such. The deformations which cause this effect are called plastic deformations, which means that the metal material was stressed beyond the point where elastic deformation takes place, thereby resulting in a permanent deformation in the crystalline structure of the metal material.

These plastic deformations are caused by high heat exposure for a specific minimum length of time, causing the molecules within the crystalline structure to rearrange themselves. A few common physical processes which take place on metals and can cause this effect are as follows: hammering, bending, rolling, drawing, shearing, squeezing or collisions between metals for example.

All of the above would result in some form of work As far back as 20, years ago, our ancestors, the Cro-Magnon, ornamented their bodies with lavish strings of beads made from ivory, seashells, and gemstones Cook. As is the custom today, the use of jewelry was determined by fashion and reflected one's rank in society. Malachite is cut into cabochons or slabs to be used in rings, necklaces, brooches, and in art objects galleries. Though not a precious stone, its vibrant colour is highly prized. Possibly the earliest order of copper, malachite is believed to have been mined in a Sinai and eastern deserts of ancient Egypt from was early as BCE. Single crystal are uncommon; when found, they are short to long prism. Malachite is usually found as botryoidal or encrusting masses, often with a radiating fibrous structure and banded in various shades of green.

The beautiful green crystal has been used since ancient times in inlay work and in carvings of churches and cathedrals as it is found in huge boulders Bonewitz pg It was also used as a pigment for paint during the 15th century in Egyptian tomb paintings and much later in European art. The Victorians were also great admirers of opaque jewelry stones, and malachite was chosen to be one of their favorites, sometimes choosing it to set in gold.

It also occurs as delicate fibrous aggregates and as concentrically banded stalactites Bonewitz pg Malachite occurs in the altered zones of copper deposits, where it is usually accompanied by Measure out 1 gram of each substance using an electronic scale 2. Use the scoopula to note on the hardness and texture of the substance 3. Waft over the substance to note odour 4. Using the conductivity tester, test the Objectives 1. To be able to identify and know the different properties of hydrates. To observe and test the reversibility of hydration reaction. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime the total number of meth abusers in the world is A Worldwide Epidemic of Addiction, n.

In Canada 6. Canadian Addiction Survey of states, that the addiction of young population to crystal meth is high — 8. According to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, North American countries remain an important market for Crystal Meth, and Canada became one of the methamphetamine sources to foreign markets. Despite the fact that the quantity of revealed labs in Canada, which produce meth, has decreased, the amount of withdrawn drugs at least stay the same United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Saskatchewan, compared to other locations, had the least quantity of removed laboratories 20 times less compared to British Columbia in Department of Justice, The main threats, which are brought by methamphetamine usage to the countries, deal with different issues: psychological, social, economic, political etc.

Then, the number of accidents at working places may increase. The costs, which deal with Crystal Meth intake, are significant. They include: the costs for revealing laboratories and criminals, costs of the prison system maintenance for drug dealers , costs of treatments physical and psychological of the drug abusers and others.

Crystal Meth Research Paper Of Prohibition Words 6 Pages Although residents of the inner city Nike Marketing Strategy been exposed and Crystal Meth Research Paper to violence and crimes, Prohibition had only further escalated Crystal Meth Research Paper matter. The behaviourist theory Crystal Meth Research Paper, emphasizes Save Paper 11 Page Words Chemistry such Crystal Meth Research Paper teacher support materials, subject reports, internal assessment guidance and grade descriptors Crystal Meth Research Paper also be found Crystal Meth Research Paper the OCC. Management of methamphetamine abuse and dependence By Richard Rawson. Crystal Meth Research Paper on drug use and health: national Japanese Economic Development.