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Catholic Earthcare Influence

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Session 5. Investment that cares for our common home

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Prayer animal release is the mainly Buddhist and Taoist practice of releasing animals as a religious observance. It can be practiced by individuals or in larger temple organized events which may involve the release of hundreds or thousands of animals at one time. Merit can take many forms including health and long life for practitioners and their families, favour for deceased relatives, or success in gaining wealth or buying new assets such as a house or car.

Practitioners believe that the animals themselves and the ecosystems into which they are released also benefit. It has several different names reflecting the various local and regional traditions, mercy release, merit release and religious release being just a few of these. Globally, the practice of prayer animal release contributes to the capture and release of millions of animals and involves the turnover of millions of dollars in revenue. Prayer animal release has numerous actual and potential negative effects that are at odds with the intended compassion. Animals intended for release are often captured from the wild, obtained from live animal markets or sometimes ordered from specialist suppliers.

They can be kept for a long time in poor conditions until an auspicious time for release. This can cause a huge amount of suffering for animals and many animals die during capture and holding. Moreover, limited oversight means this may contribute to the illegal wildlife trade, and endangered species are often captured and released, threatening already precarious native populations. Many release animals are invasive species which themselves have many harmful impacts potentially further threatening vulnerable animal populations and ecosystems.

Animals may also be released into unsuitable environments, such as wild animals released into urban situations or marine fish released into fresh water, so many die even after release. Overall, the negative impacts of prayer release far outweigh any perceived benefits. Magellan details what is currently known about prayer animal release, particularly from an aquatic and invasive species perspective. Two policy briefs Awoyemi et al , , produced by the Religion and Conservation Biology Working Group for the Society of Conservation Biology, show how our understanding of prayer animal release is evolving and provide recommendations for changing the practice and potential alternatives to be more aligned with conservation aims.

Lui et al , detail two comprehensive studies of invasive species released via prayer animal release in China and conclude that ecological education is the best way to prevent environmental impacts. Faith and Ecology Knowledge Centre. Faith Long-term Plans. Guidance on creating a plan. Baha'i Baha'i Seven Year Plan. With these shared concerns, the group penned a statement of unity from the input of many. We shared the statement with those we knew—theologians, activists, aid providers, and more. Excitement grew as eager Catholics from all walks of life added their name or that of their institution to the list of supporters. We are inspired by Church teachings and guided by the virtue of prudence—understood by St. But our goal is not to cause division. It is to encourage dialogue—to provide the Church with an opportunity to grow in unity.

And our desire is not to offer specific economic plans or political agendas, for that is not the way of the Church. Rather, we seek to focus on the moral and spiritual dimensions of climate issues. We seek to support the common good by championing the teachings of the Church—St. Much more will be coming in the weeks and months ahead. View the discussion thread. Catholic Ecology posts my regular column in the Rhode Island Catholic , as well as scientific and theological commentary about the latest eco-news, both within and outside of the Catholic Church.

What is contained herein is but one person's attempt to teach and defend the Church's teachings - ecological and otherwise. As such, I offer all contents of this blog for approval of the bishops of the Church. It is my hope that nothing herein will lead anyone astray from truth. Skip to main content. A global Catholic climate movement of grace Jan 14, When it comes to engaging issues of climate change, there has been a growing desire to unite the individual efforts of Catholics and to encourage the involvement of others. Learn more. In the News Church embraces drive for sustainability.

Bishop John Arnold launches project to lead Catholic community to carbon neutral future. About the Blog Catholic Ecology posts my regular column in the Rhode Island Catholic , as well as scientific and theological commentary about the latest eco-news, both within and outside of the Catholic Church. First Name. Last Name. Tweets by CatholicEcology. Popular Posts Free, online Laudato Si' conference: you're invited! Catholics in the United States who care about faithfully protecting creation are invited to attend what may very well be a watershed Nurturing healthy ecosystems with Mary Gardens. Contributor Kat Hoenke explains how big or small yards, or even an apartment patio, can make a big difference in caring for our common home.

We depend on healthy ecosystems for our survival. This includes clean air, clean water, and ecosystems that can adapt to a changing Nature and the Mass. We seem to have forgotten that the sacramental nature of our faith innately celebrates and heals all creation. During an eco-talk in another diocese, a participant shared with me how her parish celebrated Masses for creation. Special readings Humanae Vitae: The foundation and companion of Laudato Si'. Conversations with conservatives. Reaching across the aisle may be easier than we think.

This article about an organisation Essay On 4th Amendment Rights Australia is a stub. Special readings Catholic Earthcare Influence More. For now, Gary Beckers Model Of Crime Catholic Earthcare Influence, stay tuned Catholic Earthcare Influence Catholic Ecology Catholic Earthcare Influence the latest Catholic Earthcare Influence and analysis about Stress In Nursing all this Catholic Earthcare Influence for the Church, the planet, and, yes, for the Catholic Earthcare Influence of souls.