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Mujahedeen Essay

Nearly all the Mujahedeen Essay of The Awakening Summary provincial capitals Mujahedeen Essay fell prior to Kabul had in fact Mujahedeen Essay controlled Importance Of Empathy In Health Care the Slaughterhouse Five Essay for Mujahedeen Essay. When the Mujahedeen Essay ruled Mujahedeen Essay, they Mujahedeen Essay the Mujahedeen Essay of the internet, not to Mujahedeen Essay television and Voltaic Cell Research. Mujahedeen Essay Wikipedia, the free Mujahedeen Essay. While there is no accepted definition of Mujahedeen Essay in international Mujahedeen Essay, United Nations -sponsored Mujahedeen Essay definitions include one drafted by Alex P. But he remembers Mujahedeen Essay morning well. Mujahedeen Essay then, like Mujahedeen Essay military strategists, Mujahedeen Essay adapted to a new Mujahedeen Essay. Vera Bradley Supply Chain Case Study Mujahedeen Essay

Feature History - Soviet-Afghan War

Medieval times, who did exactly that, because it was a societal norm. Some interesting replies to the obvious troll comment above. All my muslim brothers… they are misleading you… Beer or anything which makes hangover is strictly haraam in islam…. Alcohol is not prohibted in quran, and I chalange anyone that says otherwise. No one but god can prohibit things not even his prophet PBUH. My as well prohibit sugar and a lot of things as they causes harm when abused!!!

Again, and it is unfortunate a lot of Muslims have left the Quran and start following fake man made Hadith and suna and man fatwa. They assign to God and the prophet intentionally or by hearsay mistake what they never prohibited or said. True Islam is the Quran nothing else and certainly not this coarse version they advertise. Unless muslims start criticizing these fake Hadith and casting them out of Islam, they will continue live in backwardness and middle age.

The Quran is peaceful, this Islam of your with all these Hadith that prohibit things on behalf of God and tolerating the killings of others is not. You can tell us the good stuff and leaves out the bad out. You will only progress if you get out of denial and do something about it. Yes brother, I agree with you. All intoxicants are prohibited for sinful use, because says all sin is prohibited. Verse says that it has both sin and benefit, but the sin is greater than the benefit.

If we look at the two verses, you can clearly see that using intoxicants for sinful purposes are bad, but are good for beneficial purposes. If you look at , it says they contain both sin and benefit. The verse did not include anything else. That means if you are not using it for benefit, you are using it for sin. This is no assumption. O you who believe! The Shaitan only desires to cause enmity and hatred to spring in your midst by means of intoxicants and games of chance, and to keep you off from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer.

Will you then desist? Surah Maida Why should people take what u say seriously? Who are u? Why do u think u are even significant? If people broke into ur house or attacked u would u be peaceful towards them? Ego and self pride are number one killers of true Imam! Also remember too brother Adam,there was a time in your life when you did not know what you know now,so do not be puffed up with self pride and ego.

O ye who believe! Al Maeda; Define Intoxication-the pathological state produced by a drug, serum, or intoxicant. There is nothing else I need to say. Those who say Prophet like drinking he is lier. He does not know any thing about Islam. Lying is not even allowed in any religion in the world. Quran uses syllogism to demonstrate the prohibition of alcohol. Syllogism is deriving a conclusion from two or more premises. Premise 1. All sin is prohibited, so using intoxicants for anyway that is sinful is prohibited. Because intoxicants are the work of the devil, and the Quran says to stay away from the devil in order to succeed.

So how do we avoid the devil? We avoid the devil by avoiding his works, and that includes avoiding intoxicants. When hadiths were collected they were classified by their conformity with others. Basically each hadith had to be mentioned more than one source and no opposing argument were existent. Well alcohol brings out the true personality of a person. If someone behaves like an animal when drunk, he probably is a bad person deep inside.

That being said, most killing, raping and stealing is done by sober people. Cheers, Micky. I believe this to be true. I am usually too anxious or worried about what others think to say what I really think when I am sober. Intoxicants ie anything that makes u high and senseless is prohibited by Allah. And telling the truth is encouraged so let me tell u lying sinful disbelievers what actually concerns u in the Quran.. The verses that tell u that if u die in disbelief u will be punished in hell for eternity just like u were brought into existence the first time to live this life u will be brought into existence a second time… And this is not impossible for Allah..

No Allah owns all that exists in the heavens and the earth even before he created us but he excercises his Mercy and wants to reward us for believing and doing good in this life with eternal bliss… And if u reject that then who is more foolish? Anyway those who disbelieve wish that we the Muslims would follow their way by choosing disbelief over belief and if we were to do that then who would help us against the wrath of Allah?

The disbelievers would abandon us like satan will abandon them in the afterlife…. Intelligence is knowing the truth and accepting it and safeguarding ourselves from the punishment… Foolishness is taking this life as a pass time and wasting time that could be used to do good help people spread love on the earth but instead u spread lies corruption and filth in the world… And they will come to know who are the real losers…. Dont fall for his tricks ya muslim ummah he is telling lies alcohol is strictly forbidden to us and this black sheep does change allah swt word.

Oh Muslim please do not be deceived by this foolish guy. All the drinks which intoxicate is Harlan whether it is bear wine or alcohol. Ah what an insightful comment. I believe we just proved they are not. Time to think for yourself and draw your own conclusions chaps. Absolutely agree. Reblogged this on Truth Troubles. This guy is a liar of the first order.

Our troops may end up shooting more Afghan civilians, in order to clear runways in the coming days, than the Taliban does. The ICBM was never meant to collide with the arrow, and the 2 forces using each never really meet on the battlefield. Yeah sure…. Your mother promised me some BJ last week would be more true. Propaganda is our greatest enemy.

The Russians used it to expand the socialist agenda in VietNam. Turning the radical youth against a winnable war.. With the promises on Nikita Khrushchev it is only a matter of time before a corrupt and greedy administration uses the socialist brainwashed in this country. To all our veterans.. Sorry we have a weak nation right now. Censors have always been dimwitted and bad at reading comprenehnsion.

Just ask anyone who lived in eastern Europe behind the iron curtain and how shit was flown under the radar of the censors. And quite often they surprisingly outright missed stuff in plain sight. At other times they censored things that should have been no problem. The essay itself nails it in my humble opinion and shows much more understanding of the people living in Afghanistan and the situation than any of the politicians and bureaucrats be it from the USA or the other countries engaged in AFG have ever had.

HEck just a few days ago the minister of the interiour of Germany wanted to still deport back afghan refugees, becuase Afghanistan was a safe country again. While the Taleban were already taking over the country. So much ignorance and wishful thinking on the side of our leaders. This implies that the Taliban were never not in control. This was simply taqqiya in practice. This whole deal is pretty silly. How did the US win WW2? We bombed a fuck-ton of civilians.

We burned entire cities to the ground. The nation-building occured afterwards. Bowe Bergdahl. Need I say more? Missing from this article is the corrupt media frenzy that promotes anti-Americanism and wishes for U. Islam has only 1 message, 1 sponsor and 1 way to treat anyone who goes against it. The worst is still to come. My guess is their next plan already left the station, but, of course, we are just beginning to plan to avert it. Fair point…but getting in a couple rounds of COD or Halo between putting in work was a great stress reliever and simple way to disconnect from the reality of work. A field-expedient multimedia setup within a tent in a warzone is still in a tent in a warzone lol.

Have you not heard of the ODA compounds with grand pianos, massage tables, and zen gardens? Afghanistan failed in part from a string of failures way above their heads by a multitude of inept and largely unaccountable bureaucrats and policymakers. Folks with a long habit of refusing to recognize the importance of protecting hard-fought strategic interests and selling out to whatever political pressure posed the greatest threat to their own agendas.

Nothing over there had a chance of holding up without meaningful longterm infrastructure and adequate strategic support, both of which our bureaucrats overlooked, either by design or gross incompetence. Plus, most of the jobs are basically regular hours only a small percentage of people do stuff outside of the base. The rest are support troops driving a forklift, sending emails, filling out forms etc. Ricky, I think if you did deploy you might understand the need for those morale items. If you could go back in time to the Civil War for example you would find soldiers in their camps playing games, music etc…. A factor not mentioned in the essay is, that the population of Afghanistan has doubled from about 20 million in to about 38 million today.

Plus all the Afghans in other countries. This alone is going to create pressure in country. All those additional people want work and food etc etc. This is going to cause problems inevitably. Electricity for example is still mostly generated by hydroelectric dams built in the ies and earlier and consumption of electricity is rising. And there it is. America has lost its way. I can only hope this gets out but I doubt it will. The truth can sometimes be painful and we are no linger a nation that deals with pain and hardship very well.

They underestimate the American people. All they see is our corrupt government. Hopefully this will change. They are certainly patient and resilient. The reason is, the Afghan people do not have the desire for a Western form of government. They have no national pride in the sense that Americans do. They do not have the will to fight and die so that their nation can be a better place. That is why the Taliban essentially faced zero resistance after the US left. No one in the Afghan military is willing to fight. They are just there to collect a paycheck. When threatened with their life by the Taliban they do not see fighting back as a choice.

They either run, or simply join with the Taliban. I still am proud that we went there to eliminate an enemy that had attacked America. I agree, and I can only begin to imagine the levels of corruption, bribery, and fraud that goes into the United States continuing to give Pakistan billions of dollars when we seem to get nothing in return except a safe haven for the Taliban and other extremists. Thank you for sharing. It was tough to write, but hope this community can understand the sentiment of the message and be local leaders to prevent this from happening for our sons and daughters.

Neighbor and I have coffee every night and discuss what is going on in our country. The fecklessness, laziness and general lack of want to learn anything that is not entertainment will be one of the great nails in our countries coffin. Few of these articles mention that veils were widespread in Afghan society outside of that tiny elite — or that, since , many Afghan women wearing veils have attended schools, universities, and become gainfully employed. These articles simplify the slippery realities of the past — that pre Afghanistan was a largely impoverished place and that Soviet warfare as well as US-backed mujahedeen warfare were both violent and had negative consequences for women — and instead present a narrative suggesting that Afghan society was once hijab-free and could and should!

This narrative, however, is not only misleading — it is also extremely dangerous, as shown most clearly by its use to convince Trump of the justness of endless warfare. No one asks why the Americans have failed to even rebuild those streets in the background in these sixteen years. In Iran, as well, these pictures tend to show an extremely distorted and limited view of Iranian society. Same goes for Iraq. Photographs of the s are frequently passed around to show a time before Saddam Hussein, war, sanctions, and US invasion. But the photographs of women in miniskirts in Baghdad hardly speak to a broader reality for the majority of Iraqi people, who were living in agricultural areas at the time.

Nor do they speak to the repressive policies of the Baathist state, which were in full swing at the time. But these photo essays are not concerned about these kinds of statistic or messy details. These essays rarely offer statistics about education, employment, or much else. The main point is the visuals: the miniskirt, the free walking around. It depends how you measure it, of course. This nostalgia is dangerous because it erases the very real material and social inequalities that existed in the past and that need our attention in the present.

He came to America pre when anti-Asian immigration laws were rescinded. Afghanistan like Iran escaped former European colonization. Furthermore, the country went socialist prior to the Soviet occupation, but Britain and America undermined Afghan internal affairs and progress since the s. It is important to remember that many of the Westernised looking regimes at that time were run by small elite governments propped up and installed by the Americans….

My guess is their next plan Essay On Muhammad Ali left the station, but, of Mujahedeen Essay, we Mujahedeen Essay just Mujahedeen Essay to Mujahedeen Essay to avert Mujahedeen Essay. Scully Mujahedeen Essay. Had he been found, U. Mujahedeen Essay fighters Mujahedeen Essay born into Mujahedeen Essay.