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Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay

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Beowulf - Summary \u0026 Analysis

Beowulf occasionally talks to God and asks God to give him strength before the battle and to give him the valor he needs to overcome his enemy. Evil seems to always get the bad side of things since it always gets conquered by Gods good side. Even though this is true, evil lives the high life for a long time. Grendel, Beowulfs first opponent, killed thousands and thousands of men before he met his match. Evil comes from the monsters. They attack the good side by killing innocent men because they are hungry or just want to defy the laws. Good fights back when the evil creations are killed and all is back to normal. Beowulf is truly good because he helps people when they need it the most and hopes that God is with him even though he doesnt have to do anything to help the people who have an evil creature killing their villages population every night.

In Grendel, the main belief is that of existentialism, however, there are also numerous references to Cain throughout the entire book. The basis for his version of existentialism is the following excerpt from the book itself: I understood that the world was nothing: a mechanical chaos of casual, brute enmity on which we stupidly impose our hopes and fears. I understood that, finally and absolutely, I alone exist. All the rest, I saw, is merely what pushes me, or what I push against, blindlyas blindly as all that is not myself pushes back.

I create the whole universe, blink by blink. An ugly god pitifully dying in a tree Gardner 22! One can explain this view of existentialism by considering some simple concepts of existentialism. Existentialists believe that man is forlorn and totally responsible for his acts, and that his choices are important because existence precedes essence. Furthermore, the references to Cain, which represented chaos and the presence of evil, can be found throughout the book.

For example, after Cain killed his brother, he drinks his blood. This is typically something that Grendel does after he kills his victims. Additionally, both Cain and Grendel are viewed as outcasts of society who have to roam in the shadows. They are outside looking inside. They are outside threats to the order of society as shown by Grendel with the Danes Similarities between Grendel and Cain, 1. The religious references to Cain, as well as the belief in existentialism are important aspects in Grendel. That is what heroes are for; the service of the people. A hero needs to fight the evil that troubles the people. This is another purpose of the hero. In the story Beowulf they make Beowulf out to be the hero.

I believe that he is the hero because of his way that he presents himself when he gets to as his crewmen walked off the boat and they looked bad in clothes Beowulf looked very nice and very manly other than his crewmen looked bad and also he was a hero because he was the only one to come to and help the town. Defeating the monsters which was mother dragon and the last reason that he was considered a hero because after all the monsters he killed he decided to give all of the gold and supplies that he won from the battle with the monsters to all the people in herot and also he was reconized as a hero because he let God decide his Faith during the battle with the monsters.

Beowulf is characterized as an epic hero because of his glorious legacy. This epic hero was in constant danger from evil but always defeated it. He also had a moral code that separated him from mere mortals. The epic hero portrayed many traits that made him great. He is considered a hero because he fits under each of these qualities. He risks his life and is courageous because he fights off the monsters. He is goes the extra mile for Hrothgar by going to kill Grendel's mother and the dragon. This is what makes a hero a hero. The first commemoration asked by Beowulf to have done is to have a tomb made for his body. Also the same thing with defeating the dragon.

The treasure Beowulf receives is when King Hrothgar gives Beowulf his finest horses and a massive treasure for helping them. He also got the treasure from the dragon he was battling. He then goes on to defeat and kill to more monsters while staying with the Danes. Despite that Beowulf is different from others perception of a traditional hero, he still shows many of the characteristics of a Traditional hero. He is still strong, brave, and has helped people just a traditional hero would. The way Beowulf shows his strength throughout the whole story is amazing. He starts out with going to what is now called Denmark to defeat and kill the monster called Grendel. Beowulf battles monsters like Grendel who triumph his size and devour men who nobly fought in battle.

In Macbeth, fate is so significant that it is personified by the Weird Sisters, who drive the action of the play. But if predestination exists, then there must be an agent that determines destiny. In Beowulf, God plays. It is the character that goes against all the traditional values of society. Grendel has strong traits of the average anti-hero. He lives in a cave with his mother in the middle of no where. Everybody in the land refuses to accept him, even as the lowest of their kind, and they are constantly trying to kill him.

He is deprived the rules and consequences of society by not. Grendel and the Anglo-Saxon society are an example of this. While the Anglo-Saxons went about their life, Grendel watched from a distance. The Beowulf poem displays a more compelling argument for Beowulf by eloquently wording his actions and words, diligently staying on topic, and constantly showing Beowulf under. The roles that Beowulf and Grendel played in the story were very easily deciphered. Beowulf being pure good, and Grendel being pure evil.

In modern good and evil stories, there are super heroes with super powers. They use these powers for the good of the world and to help innocent people. In most cases there is a villain.

In the myth, he also Cannabis Oil Research Paper labors defeating many monsters, Commercial Headache Powder Lab Report he does Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay do them Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay save anyone. He became rich with large numbers and provisions to accumulate a greater society. Although, he was adulated Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay everyone for killing the monster, he knew Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay he was a bad Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay to his kingdom and wanted to make Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay for it by killing Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay the Pennsylvania Vs Deep South Essay and giving it to the kingdom. Frankenstein Grendels Role In Beowulf Essay Grendel Research Paper Words 3 Pages This is reinforced by the rhetorical question that serves is it real? convince Walton that the Monster hated having to turn to violence.