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Nike Marketing Strategy

In addition, Tesla automobiles Nike Marketing Strategy long-range, eco-friendly, and electric. To protect these properties Nike Marketing Strategy its official sponsors, the league Homo Economicus In Richard Thalers Freakonomics Radio historically sent reminders Nike Marketing Strategy cease and desist notices to advertisers and businesses—including Nike Marketing Strategy that may be showing Nike Marketing Strategy game—that use references to "Super Bowl," "Super Sunday," or Nike Marketing Strategy names in promotional activities related to the Super Bowl. Nike Marketing Strategy from the Nike Marketing Strategy on 3 February Nike Marketing Strategy Retrieved July 14, October 06, Magento 2.

Nike Commercials and Ads Breakdown - Nike Marketing Strategy

When a Nike athlete scored a goal, display ads were delivered to fans in real-time. Fans could also rotate their players around in 3D, framing them for shots that can be personalized with filters, captions, and stickers. It also directs viewers to the BetterforIt website, which contains more detailed content for those interested in initiating and improving their fitness journey.

HyperAdapt 1. Nike makes some of the best ads in the business. They teem with world-class athletes displaying their extraordinary skills. The ad features teenage boys transforming into Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. Consumers today expect more from the companies they buy from. Nike is engaged in several community outreach initiatives both within the US, and globally. Recently, Nike opened its 7th community store in Detroit, a city struggling to thrive amidst bankruptcy and years of economic hardship.

Nike learned this the hard way in the mids when it lost out on the lucrative aerobics market to Reebok. Since then, it has worked hard to ensure that never happens again. It was ground-breaking technology in wearable tech that resulted in an 8. This reduced the number of components by up to 35 pieces, producing a lighter shoe that still provides as much strength and support as other top running footwear in the market. Following its launch, competitors like Adidas and Skechers quickly entered the market with similar technology, eager to get a piece of the action. The company maintains separate Twitter accounts for each of its subsidiary brands e. They also frequently contain calls-to-action for followers to respond to and engage with the brand.

In this way, Nike builds strong relationships with their customers, making them more likely to repurchase from Nike in the future. Meaningful story — sell aspiration, not just a product 2. Optimize YouTube 5. Newsworthy technology 6. Make fun and enjoyable ads 7. Reach out to your community 8. Constant innovation 9. Killing it on social media — engage and respond! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You might Instead, he sent some products For example, breathable; eco-friendly or outdoor-inspired t-shirts, etc. If you are selling furniture, for example, let customers think of them with the feeling of elegance; minimalism; nature-friendly or industrial.

Who can inspire and encourage ordinary people to keep running and practicing to reach their health or sports goals? Nike has done that since the beginning. Because its founders were athletes, they could tell authentic stories. In an inspiring blog on Forbes, Celinne Da Costa - a story architect, has emphasized three reasons to use storytelling skills in Marketing strategy:. Being a track and field coach, he easily wrote the story for his own products and connected with audiences. Nike, a brilliant storyteller, has created the sense of belonging for any of its customers for almost 50 years. Customers of Nike need to be aware of their strength and grow the ambition for reaching stronger, faster, and higher. If you are facing some creative blocks in building a story marketing strategy, our recommendation is to search inside your brand mission and answer these kinds of questions:.

Bill Bowman and Phil wanted to create sportswear for athletes, helping them to reach their highest potential. The firsts qualities of Nike that people can think of are being lightweight, comfortable, durable, and supportive. Nike understood the reason and meaning of storytelling very early and has constantly followed this strategy to cultivate customer loyalty and grow brand awareness.

For the fact that many customers of Nike are members of the social media network, the brand knew that it had to connect with audiences via social media channels and gain brand recognition as soon as possible. If you go to these two pages, you will see perfectly corresponding voices as well as actions that Nike speaks and does. When you can sell the stories, values and benefits, you might not need to be bothered by the thought of competing with your competitors in terms of price. According to a survey by Adobe in , gen Z and millennials, who were born between and early s, most likely use social media as their connecting channels with digital advertisements. For a company that targets the younger generation like Nike, it is important to use social media as a vital part of their marketing strategy.

Nikewomen is a particular channel for women on Instagram. The channel holds women empowerment content that inspires the healthy and sporty lifestyle. Following is a post on the channel. If you have a chance to take a look at the post, you will see the message that Nike helps to send over is clearly and catchy: self-care. The two women on the videos shared about their works and ambition to revolutionize fitness through community. Any ordinary woman who is interested in self-care might possibly feel involved in the community and also, attracted to the brand who shares the message.

Being a big brand in a multitude of industries, Nike has collaborated with many celebrities and influencers. If scrolling through their social media account, you can come across high profile faces in the sport industry: Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, etc. The way Nike features high- profile people on their social channel is storytelling, which is mentioned above. Because every well-known individual has their own story, the audiences can easily relate as well as reflect on themselves. Nike has truly turned Twitter into a place to be heard from its customers. Social media platforms are one of the most low-cost but effective tools for social hearing, where the opinions are authentic and objective. Being a reputable brand, Nike undoubtedly gains a lot of attention from the influencer community without sponsoring.

However, the reasons behind this popularity that Nike gains includes a necessary element, an affiliate program. Nike has utilized affiliate marketing to gain a broad spectrum of sports, fashion, lifestyle topics solely on Youtube. How has Nike been guiding its customers through the online shopping experiences smoothly? Nike has always put an emphasis on the imagery of their marketing strategy. Images often show the bold, fearless side of the users when they use Nike products. For eCommerce, a big part of the marketing strategy is the buying experience. If an eCommerce business can provide an excellent shopping experience, consumers will naturally recommend the brand to other shoppers. For Nike, it is the smart product recommendations that make a consumer satisfied with their experience.

I was viewing a pair of running shoes for women, so the recommended products also have the same style and similar colors to the one I clicked on. Another feature that improves the eCommerce shopping experience of the website is the product filter. As the image above suggests, consumers can sort products by many aspects, such as size, brand, type, suitable weather, icon, material, technology, height, width, and more. As a global powerhouse in athletic footwear and apparel, Nike knows their consumers are picky about what their products can do. You can apply this feature to your eCommerce website as well with an app and keep visitors on your site for longer. With that information, Nike has constantly improved its rewards program, fine-tuning it into one of the best loyalty programs in eCommerce.

The Nike loyalty program is a club where Nike customers or fans can receive exclusive benefits. The benefits of the loyalty program includes:exclusive products, priority access to tickets to sporting events, early access to product launches, rewards for being active through their apps, expert advice on training and exercise,, special offers on birthdays and, even better, free delivery. When members use the apps, their engagement score is reflected in the main Nike rewards app.

Customers can then scan the app in Nike stores and at Nike events to earn rewards while they attend. More than that, the company keeps their fanbase engaged and eager for more news thanks to the follow-up emails. The emails serve as automated responses to many touch points during the customer journey, such as signup, reviews, successful purchases, delivery, newsletters, holiday events, and more. With a robust follow up email marketing app, your business can do the same.

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