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What I Learned In My Writing Class

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I took it as a faculty member --highly recommend that DPT and PTA students consider taking it before starting clinical rotations. A great class for all levels and will really teach you what you need to use in clinic! This class is engaging and applicable to all skill levels! If you are wanting to learn more or just learn to be more confident in using what you already know, then this is a great learning platform. This class is appropriate for beginner and intermediate levels. The instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable.

I would definitely recommend this class for anyone looking to improve their clinical communication skills in spanish. This class is great for any level of Spanish. I learned so much, and I would definitely recommend this class to any health care professional! This class continues to be in demand for students and practicing clinicians alike. Santiago has an excellent way of teaching Spanish-speaking skills in context so every class offers practical information that can be used the very next day. Daniel Lupo. Joanna Zavalla Chua. Shane Thamwiwat.

Angi Holley. Rupal Patel. Krystal Vento. Bri Hohl. Jamie Partridge. Riqiea Kitchens. Max Mahaffey. Peggy Gleeson. CAPS provides a confidential space where students may seek support and process their feelings and reactions. Online Crisis Chat. Crisis Text Line. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The Steve Fund for students of color. Trans Lifeline for the trans community. Veterans Crisis Line for Veterans. Mason Police. Tweets by CAPS. Concerned About a Student? Feeling Re-Entry Anxiety? Psychological Services Our free and confidential psychological services include group counseling, skills-based workshops, case management, crisis consultations, time-limited individual counseling as well as faculty and staff consultation.

Learning Services Our free learning services include academic skills workshops, academic skills videos, academic coaching, and our Academic Skills Certificate Program. Fall Hours Our academic year business hours are am to pm Monday to Friday. If this is your first time using CAPS services, you will need to call between am and 12pm Monday to Friday for an initial check in. So, I began college right after high school. As I entered college, I learned that I will have to focus more on writing papers than having fun. In high school my teachers did not prepare me for college essays. I feel like I learned a lot more failing on my college.

Writing has never been one of my strengths. Even in high school, when I took an AP English literature course, I did not enjoy writing papers if need be. Since I did not fancy writing papers, I never developed a systematic writing process. When I came to college, I placed into music classes first so that I could develop those skills, thus leaving my core classes including English on the backburner. English class has been of great experience to me, learning new skills that may help me in my future endeavors. English 1B has taught me how to collaborate with people easily, planning and researching a topic, making a statement on a topic, and the ability to have fun during class.

I walked in the first day of English 1B expecting. This past …show more content… This allowed me to write more extensively on the topic I had chosen which in turn helped expand the size of my research paper. I received a B on my final draft; the first passing grade I have ever received on a research paper. I am very satisfied with my grade. When it came to the essays writing became a little trickier because I had to understand what it was I needed to write about and the style in which I need to write it in.

The only problems I encountered when trying to write the essays that were assigned to me by the instructor was finding suitable subject matter to write about. Once I found my topics for my essay, everything else became easier. I would first produce a rough draft and then the students, the instructor, and myself would go over them in class and decided if what I was writing was in its best form. My final drafts were very satisfying for me as well as the grades I received on them.

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