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Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey

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The Odyssey by Homer - Book 2 Summary and Analysis

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Witchcraft in Homer's work in The Odyssey Essay. On the grief of peripheral in The Odyssey Essay. The use of narrative and thematic techniques in the Odyssey chapter 9 and 19 Essay. Yet, these invaders prove their disrespect while in the house of Odysseus by how they treat others. Likewise, Sita is careful to adhere to the Hindu principal of dharma. In both epics, the way that women are treated by the antagonists is what renders these characters as the villains of the story. It is interesting to see the female characters have such a significant impact on the journey of each hero. While women are not often respected in ancient cultures, there is still something to be said of the importance they have within society and family norms. The love of family is ultimately what drives both men to continue their journey and persevere through any obstacle they are faced with.

In their pursuit of returning home, Odysseus and Rama both must endure many hardships that often end in combat. Both of these voyages feature many fights with various antagonists. Furthermore, it is proven that women may be the heroes only weakness. The primary example of this is in The Ramayana when Ravana kidnaps Sita because he knows that she is the one person that Rama cares the most about. Thus, it is often the women are the root cause of conflict in ancient epics. This deep-felt connection empowered by love that is felt between a man and a woman is heightened when they are apart.

As is the case for both Rama and Odysseus while they are away from their wives, this exact reason also happens to be the driving force behind the reason for their return. It is an understatement to say that love is powerful. Perhaps, the most powerful emotion of humanity because it often to leads to other strong emotions such as anger and jealousy. Both of which are very evident in the way each hero conducts himself and fights their opponents. Love is the ultimate superpower both at home and on the battle field. It can protect you and even heal your wounds. Though, it is not always simple, but as the saying goes… all is fair in love and war. This website uses cookies to ensure you have the best experience.

Got it! Learn more. Republicans 1 Democrats vs. Mainly these differences. Write a thoughtful, focused, and organized response. Your essay should focus on the novel as evidence—do not bring in your personal experiences or unrelated outside sources. Because this is literary analysis, you should not use the personal pronoun. Your essay will be graded using the AP style rubric on how well you answer the chosen prompt with careful. How does Duffy explore the theme of love in first love and valentine?

Both the poems first love FL and valentine V have narrators who have loved and are appreciating that love through reminiscing. Other sources say that Odysseus and Diomedes goad Palamedes into descending a well with the prospect of treasure being at the bottom. When Palamedes reaches the bottom, the two proceed to bury him with stones, killing him. When Achilles is slain in battle by Paris , it is Odysseus and Telamonian Ajax who retrieve the fallen warrior's body and armour in the thick of heavy fighting. During the funeral games for Achilles, Odysseus competes once again with Telamonian Ajax. Thetis says that the arms of Achilles will go to the bravest of the Greeks, but only these two warriors dare lay claim to that title.

The two Argives became embroiled in a heavy dispute about one another's merits to receive the reward. The Greeks dither out of fear in deciding a winner, because they did not want to insult one and have him abandon the war effort. Nestor suggests that they allow the captive Trojans decide the winner. Enraged and humiliated, Ajax is driven mad by Athena. When he returns to his senses, in shame at how he has slaughtered livestock in his madness, Ajax kills himself by the sword that Hector had given him after their duel. Together with Diomedes, Odysseus fetches Achilles' son, Pyrrhus , to come to the aid of the Achaeans, because an oracle had stated that Troy could not be taken without him.

A great warrior, Pyrrhus is also called Neoptolemus Greek for "new warrior". Upon the success of the mission, Odysseus gives Achilles' armour to him. It is learned that the war can not be won without the poisonous arrows of Heracles , which are owned by the abandoned Philoctetes. Odysseus and Diomedes or, according to some accounts, Odysseus and Neoptolemus leave to retrieve them. Upon their arrival, Philoctetes still suffering from the wound is seen still to be enraged at the Danaans , especially at Odysseus, for abandoning him. Although his first instinct is to shoot Odysseus, his anger is eventually diffused by Odysseus' persuasive powers and the influence of the gods.

Odysseus returns to the Argive camp with Philoctetes and his arrows. Perhaps Odysseus' most famous contribution to the Greek war effort is devising the strategem of the Trojan Horse , which allows the Greek army to sneak into Troy under cover of darkness. It is built by Epeius and filled with Greek warriors, led by Odysseus. Some late Roman sources indicate that Odysseus schemed to kill his partner on the way back, but Diomedes thwarts this attempt. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey portray Odysseus as a culture hero , but the Romans, who believed themselves the heirs of Prince Aeneas of Troy, considered him a villainous falsifier. In Virgil 's Aeneid , written between 29 and 19 BC, he is constantly referred to as "cruel Odysseus" Latin dirus Ulixes or "deceitful Odysseus" pellacis , fandi fictor.

Turnus, in Aeneid , book 9, reproaches the Trojan Ascanius with images of rugged, forthright Latin virtues, declaring in John Dryden 's translation , "You shall not find the sons of Atreus here, nor need the frauds of sly Ulysses fear. In Euripides' tragedy Iphigenia at Aulis , having convinced Agamemnon to consent to the sacrifice of his daughter, Iphigenia, to appease the goddess Artemis , Odysseus facilitates the immolation by telling Iphigenia's mother, Clytemnestra , that the girl is to be wed to Achilles. Odysseus' attempts to avoid his sacred oath to defend Menelaus and Helen offended Roman notions of duty, and the many stratagems and tricks that he employed to get his way offended Roman notions of honour.

Odysseus is probably best known as the eponymous hero of the Odyssey. This epic describes his travails, which lasted for 10 years, as he tries to return home after the Trojan War and reassert his place as rightful king of Ithaca. On the way home from Troy, after a raid on Ismarus in the land of the Cicones , he and his twelve ships are driven off course by storms. They visit the lethargic Lotus-Eaters and are captured by the Cyclops Polyphemus while visiting his island.

After Polyphemus eats several of his men, Polyphemus and Odysseus have a discussion and Odysseus tells Polyphemus his name is "Nobody". Odysseus takes a barrel of wine, and the Cyclops drinks it, falling asleep. Odysseus and his men take a wooden stake, ignite it with the remaining wine, and blind him. While they escape, Polyphemus cries in pain, and the other Cyclopes ask him what is wrong. Polyphemus cries, "Nobody has blinded me! Odysseus and his crew escape, but Odysseus rashly reveals his real name, and Polyphemus prays to Poseidon, his father, to take revenge.

They stay with Aeolus , the master of the winds, who gives Odysseus a leather bag containing all the winds, except the west wind, a gift that should have ensured a safe return home. However, the sailors foolishly open the bag while Odysseus sleeps, thinking that it contains gold. All of the winds fly out, and the resulting storm drives the ships back the way they had come, just as Ithaca comes into sight. After pleading in vain with Aeolus to help them again, they re-embark and encounter the cannibalistic Laestrygonians. Odysseus' ship is the only one to escape. He sails on and visits the witch-goddess Circe. She turns half of his men into swine after feeding them cheese and wine. Hermes warns Odysseus about Circe and gives him a drug called moly , which resists Circe's magic.

Circe, being attracted to Odysseus' resistance, falls in love with him and releases his men. Odysseus and his crew remain with her on the island for one year, while they feast and drink. Finally, Odysseus' men convince him to leave for Ithaca. Guided by Circe's instructions, Odysseus and his crew cross the ocean and reach a harbor at the western edge of the world, where Odysseus sacrifices to the dead and summons the spirit of the old prophet Tiresias for advice. Next Odysseus meets the spirit of his own mother, who had died of grief during his long absence.

From her, he learns for the first time news of his own household, threatened by the greed of Penelope 's suitors. Odysseus also talks to his fallen war comrades and the mortal shade of Heracles. Odysseus and his men return to Circe's island, and she advises them on the remaining stages of the journey. They skirt the land of the Sirens , pass between the six-headed monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis , where they row directly between the two. However, Scylla drags the boat towards her by grabbing the oars and eats six men. They land on the island of Thrinacia. There, Odysseus' men ignore the warnings of Tiresias and Circe and hunt down the sacred cattle of the sun god Helios. Helios tells Zeus what happened and demands Odysseus' men be punished or else he will take the sun and shine it in the Underworld.

Zeus fulfills Helios' demands by causing a shipwreck during a thunderstorm in which all but Odysseus drown. He washes ashore on the island of Ogygia , where Calypso compels him to remain as her lover for seven years. He finally escapes when Hermes tells Calypso to release Odysseus. Odysseus is shipwrecked and befriended by the Phaeacians. After he tells them his story, the Phaeacians, led by King Alcinous , agree to help Odysseus get home. They deliver him at night, while he is fast asleep, to a hidden harbor on Ithaca.

He finds his way to the hut of one of his own former slaves, the swineherd Eumaeus , and also meets up with Telemachus returning from Sparta. Athena disguises Odysseus as a wandering beggar to learn how things stand in his household. When the disguised Odysseus returns after 20 years, he is recognized only by his faithful dog, Argos. Penelope announces in her long interview with the disguised hero that whoever can string Odysseus' rigid bow and shoot an arrow through twelve axe shafts may have her hand. According to Bernard Knox , "For the plot of the Odyssey , of course, her decision is the turning point, the move that makes possible the long-predicted triumph of the returning hero". Odysseus swears her to secrecy, threatening to kill her if she tells anyone.

When the contest of the bow begins, none of the suitors is able to string the bow. After all the suitors have given up, the disguised Odysseus asks to participate. Though the suitors refuse at first, Penelope intervenes and allows the "stranger" the disguised Odysseus to participate. Odysseus easily strings his bow and wins the contest. Having done so, he proceeds to slaughter the suitors beginning with Antinous whom he finds drinking from Odysseus' cup with help from Telemachus and two of Odysseus' servants, Eumaeus the swineherd and Philoetius the cowherd.

Odysseus tells the serving women who slept with the suitors to clean up the mess of corpses and then has those women hanged in terror. He tells Telemachus that he will replenish his stocks by raiding nearby islands. Odysseus has now revealed himself in all his glory with a little makeover by Athena ; yet Penelope cannot believe that her husband has really returned—she fears that it is perhaps some god in disguise, as in the story of Alcmene mother of Heracles —and tests him by ordering her servant Euryclea to move the bed in their wedding-chamber. Odysseus protests that this cannot be done since he made the bed himself and knows that one of its legs is a living olive tree.

We will occasionally send you account related emails. Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey also posses the quality of intelligence while his pride takes over his character Odontogenic Cyst Case Study his realization of his true love. The quote shows how intimidating it was to go after the beastly Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey that …show more Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey He Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey his John Seabrook The Song Machine Analysis by Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey the Cyclops a fake name that would benefit Odysseus and poor kids documentary how stupid the Cyclops was. Golding is saying that the worse kind Personal Narrative: Naval Special Warfare evil is displayed in the form of the actions that the boys to the island and themselves. Along with two other Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey, he is chosen in Cyp 3.2 1.1 failed embassy to try to persuade Achilles to return to combat. After he answers correctly, Homer describes their joyous reunion: Now from his breast into the eyes the ache of longing mounted, and he wept at last, his Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey wife, clear and faithful, Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey his arms, longed for as the sunwarmed earth is longed for by a swimmer spent in rough water where his ship went down under Poseidon's blows, gale winds and Comparing Odysseus And The Twenty-Year Battle In Homers Odyssey of sea.