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Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Gym

It is unknown whether Creosote Integrated Theories Of Crime Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Gym Seriph; Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Gym Prince Cadram and Prince Khufurah appeared in Jingobut it is unknown whether they are relatives of Creosote. Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Gym has published over refereed articles, and Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Gym been invited to give keynote speeches at several international Personal Narrative: My Visit To The Gym. My world is no longer self-contained. I King Hit Law Research Paper wonder what the rubber mats in my college's gym will smell like. The Great College Essay Test.

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The unnamed continent is the one on which most of the books are set. They are a land of rich black loam, upon which rests a great squat forest of cabbages. In Soul Music , a footnote states various facts of the region:. The cabbage has an almost mythic status among the people of the Sto Plains, and is an emblem of its largest and dominant city, Ankh-Morpork. Most young people who leave the farming areas of the Plains for life in the big city would happily never see a cabbage again. Although they have been an empire in the past, the Sto Plains currently exist as a loose collection of independent city-states, ruled over by a close-knit and probably interrelated ruling class. The Sto Plains could be thought of as being similar to Germany prior to the unification of the states into the German Empire , with no overall authority.

According to Mort the area was to be united in the coming decades. As reality was given a retcon in the book, the Duke who united the Sto Plains was Mort, and he did it by diplomacy rather than conquest. The principal city of the Sto Plains is Ankh-Morpork. While it does not exert any political power over its neighbors, its economic domination of the region summed up by the phrase, "Attack us, and we'll call in your mortgages" has meant that the smaller cities around it are essentially its satellites.

Pseudopolis its name translates to "false city" is first mentioned in the first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic. That novel also refers to Psephopololis, which according to The Discworld Mapp is the same place. Pseudopolis possesses a school of magic, Braseneck College a parody of Brasenose College, Oxford , which is apparently in competition for prestige with the larger, older Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork.

In fact, the novel Raising Steam makes clear that this rivalry extends to the city level, as Pseudopolis refuses to accept an Ankh-Morpork-constructed trainline. As of Unseen Academicals , the aristocracy of the city appear to have undertaken an experiment in representative democracy , much to Lord Vetinari 's amusement. While no Discworld novels have been set in Pseudopolis, a number of characters have roots there. Charlie, a man with an extraordinary physical resemblance to Ankh-Morpork Patrician Havelock Vetinari , ran a clothes shop there The Truth.

Nobby Nobbs had an early career as an armourer in one of the Pseudopolis city militias; curiously and this may be no more than a coincidence, although there may be a connection given Nobby's penchant for nicking and flogging [i. Quirm is a quiet and peaceful town, and for this reason is a popular holiday destination. In this regard, it relates to Ankh-Morpork as Eastbourne relates to London, or possibly as Spain relates to the United Kingdom, or even Greece as a description in Unseen Academicals describes Quirm as having "strange water", which is the typical stereotype of the Greek Water Supply.

The Quirmian language is occasionally mentioned in the books as being similar to French or Spanish, but Snuff notes that all Quirmians speak perfect Morporkian. Spoken Quirmian is heard in Making Money , where it is identical to French. Quirm is famous for its floral clock : a circle of flowers, each of which opens its petals at a different hour. Quirm is also famous for its blue-veined cheese. Quirmian cuisine is generally characterized by containing avec French for "with". Quirm is a duchy , ruled by the Rodley family. Members of this family seen in the books include Lord Rodley, an upper-class twit in Mort , and Brenda Rodley, the swamp dragon-breeding dowager duchess in Guards!

In Sourcery , Quirm was destroyed by wizards during a magical war, but was presumably restored by Coin when he put everything back as it was before the war. It is explained in Soul Music that few of the Discworld's higher-class schools such as the Ankh-Morpork Assassins' Guild School see fit to admit female students although the Assassins have since changed this policy , so Miss Butts founded the College "on the astonishing principle that, since gels had nothing much to do until someone married them, they might as well occupy the time with learning things. The school resembles a traditional English independent girls' school, with an academic curriculum and a heavy emphasis on respectable and decent behaviour. The school's strong emphasis on decency reportedly makes it rather difficult to teach certain areas of Biology ; students come out of that class "with the vague idea that they were supposed to marry a rabbit" Soul Music.

Students at the school do not seem to be preparing for any particular profession. As the known universities on the Disc are solely for wizards who must be male — see Unseen University , and most other higher education institutions on the Disc do not admit females, there is no clear lifelong aim for the school's alumnae. Susan Sto Helit describes it as "an education in, well, education" Hogfather. It appears that those students who do not marry upon leaving school generally go into the teaching profession themselves, or become governesses.

According to the books, Sto Lat is a sizable walled town in the Sto Plains, although eclipsed enormously both in size and influence by the neighbouring city of Ankh-Morpork. Sto Lat is the nearest major city to Ankh-Morpork approximately a half day's journey by horse, less if the horse is Boris from Going Postal and to which it is connected by two clacks towers. It encompasses a large boulder emerging out of the Sto Plains like 'a geological pimple', left there by the retreating Ice Giants. The castle is built into this rock. Its most recent king before the present monarch was King Olerve, who was shot with a crossbow by an assassin hired by the original Duke of Sto Helit, a thoroughly nasty man who staged a bid for the succession, thwarted only by Mort in Mort.

At the end of Mort , Princess Keli became Queen. Her authority is exercised through a Mayor. The kingdom was one of the first places outside Ankh-Morpork to adopt its own stampings for the post. Astolat is a legendary location in Arthurian mythology , and Sto lat is also a traditional Polish song equivalent to Happy Birthday to You sto lat literally means "hundred years". After his death in Soul Music , his duchy apparently was passed to his daughter, Susan. She works as a teacher now, but, apparently, as of Thief of Time , she still is duchess of Sto Helit. The Ramtops are the Discworld's principal mountain range.

Across their vast extent, from the Hub to the Rim, they incorporate elements from virtually every noted mountain range of Earth, from the Scottish Highlands Lancre to the Himalayas the High Tops to Appalachia Slice. They are the Disc's main magical conduit, as they lie like a metal rod across the centre of the Disc's magical field indeed, the source of the field, the Cori Celesti, is technically part of the Ramtops , and are thus alive with unreality. Portals to various otherworlds dot the range's hidden crevices; " gnarly ground " compresses vast areas of land into tiny patches, and where witches, wizards, and godlike monks alike practice their arts within these secluded communities.

Due to a relative rarity of horizontal flat surfaces vertical flat surfaces are plenty , kingdoms in the Ramtops tend to be small, isolated, and sparsely populated. Much of the economy is agrarian and communities largely consist of loosely affiliated groups of self-sufficient farms. The Ramtops are known for their harsh winters; snow drifts can rise up to fifteen feet 4. Lancre is situated in the Ramtop mountains, about miles km Hubwards of the city of Ankh-Morpork.

It is the best-known of hundreds of tiny countries in the Ramtops, occupying a vertiginous shelf looking over the Sto Plains. Lancre is based mainly on rural areas of Southern England with which Pratchett was familiar. Ankh-Morpork serves a similar function for urban folklore, but not as blatantly. The name seems to echo Lancashire with the inhabitants called Lancrastians and the associated witch trials in Pendle in that county in the seventeenth century. Part of the reason for Lancre's mystical quality is that the Ramtops are a major earthing point for the Discworld's magical field. Headless horsemen and walking trees are part of the landscape, as are witches.

Lancre is famous for witches, especially since the publication of The Joye of Snackes , an erotic cookbook by "A Lancre Witch", i. Nanny Ogg. Though it is not clear if the phenomenon is related to background magic, Lancre also serves as the physical location for possibly two independent gateways to a "parasite universe" inhabited by Elves. The other thing Lancre is famous for is young people going off and seeking their fortunes, usually in Ankh-Morpork.

Although most maps show Lancre to measure roughly 40 by 10 miles 64 by 16 km in size, its true area remains unknown — partly because of its mountainous terrain and the fact that it borders on the Ramtops, but also due to the warping effect of high level of background magic. Owing to this background magic, geography in certain areas of Lancre can take on additional properties that exist either outside, or in addition to, the conventional geographic dimensions. Such areas include the Lancre Moors, where reality can become folded into deep troughs and ridges known as "Gnarly Ground". This can create the illusion that two points in space are adjacent, when in reality they are several miles apart, or vice versa. The effect, as mentioned in The Discworld Companion is that Lancre contains more landscape than a kingdom of its apparent size should be able to contain a similar magical effect occurs in the Unseen University Library, which has a diameter of yards, but an infinite radius.

Flying over such areas is not for the faint-hearted and walking across it can be fraught with peril for the unwary. Similarly, Lancre contains areas where the landscape echoes the state of mind of those who pass through, leading confident travellers to find babbling brooks while, in the same place at the same time, disheartened travellers find deep valleys and raging mountain torrents. In times past, Elven incursions were common. Both gateways have been sealed from the Lancre side by standing stones made from thunderbolt iron, a form of meteoric ore which is one of the few sources of magnetism on the Disc; humans, but not Elves except in exceptional circumstances , may pass through them.

The capital "city" of Lancre is Lancre Town, by dint of being slightly bigger than the other villages, and containing Lancre Castle. Due to Elven incursions, Lancre Castle was built to an exaggerated scale in order to accommodate fleeing citizens. Bad Ass is the home of Granny Weatherwax. It got its name when a donkey, carrying the supplies of a group of settlers, stopped on a ford and refused to move, forcing them to build their town there.

The valley occupied by Bad Ass overlooks a panorama of lesser mountains and foothills. From there, one can see to the edge of the world. In the long winter snows, the roads out of the village are lined with boards to reduce drifting and to stop travellers from straying. A narrow bridge over a stream leads to the village smithy, birthplace of Eskarina Smith. The lands around the Hub, also called the High Tops, are icy, mountainous and cold. They are also the areas closest to the Cori Celesti, and so are crackling with magic. They are roughly equivalent to Earth's Himalayas , being home to Yeti and various Buddhist -style monastic orders, such as the History Monks , which give the area the nickname "Enlightenment Country".

The Hublands are also the closest thing the Disc has to a pole, and so are home to its equivalent of polar bears and walruses , mentioned in The Last Hero. Its name is German for " over the woods ", a play on Transylvania which is Latin for " across the woods " - a name actually used for Transylvania in some 13th century writings. The region is based less on the real Eastern Europe, and more on the Hammer Horror stereotype of the area.

In The Truth this phenomenon is referred to as " psychotropic weather ". The usage in some of the books is uneven, but the later narratives use " Uberwald " exclusively. In Carpe Jugulum , Pratchett writes:. But Lancre people had never got the hang of accents and certainly didn't agree with trying to balance two dots on another letter, where they'd only roll off and cause unnecessary punctuation. The region was previously united under the rule of the Unholy Empire a play on the Holy Roman Empire , which had a two-headed bat as its symbol a play on the double headed eagle. The Empire has long since collapsed leaving the area fragmented, chaotic, and under the rule of lore, not law. It is ruled by dwarfs, vampires , and werewolves.

While there are indeed a number of human barons , they all tend to be uninterested in politics, preferring instead to dabble in experimental surgery and " Meddling In Things Man Was Not Meant To Wot Of ," each with the help of their personal Igors. Apparently this system left something to be desired. Boiling fat rising to the surface is the reason for the country's many hot springs. By tradition, the laws of the surface people do not apply underground, and vice versa. Hundreds of years ago, the trolls and the dwarfs met in a battle at Koom Valley in which each side apparently ambushed the other.

Sometimes, in a city where both dwarfs and trolls live e. Ankh-Morpork , the two groups are careful enough to plan their celebratory marches so that they are on the same street. Some people e. Susan Sto Helit , after carefully studying history books, point out that the Battle of Koom Valley seemed to have been repeated several times. The name comes from the Welsh word cwm , which means "valley". Borogravia is a Duchy , and as such is ruled by a Duke or Duchess. The ruler at the time of Monstrous Regiment was Duchess Annagovia, who has achieved virtual godhood among the people.

Borogravia is an extremely backward and reactionary nation, whose laws are defined by their god Nuggan. Nuggan's interpreters dictate "abominations" to the public, which are things that have been banned by him. These enforcements can be very impractical and inconvenient, such as banning chocolate, Borogravia's main export; depictions of living things apart from the Duchess ; babies this law is usually overlooked ; crop rotation; and semaphore. The banning of semaphore led to the Borogravians cutting down the clacks towers along the Zlobenian border, which was one of the main causes of war between the two nations the war has been going on for so long that no-one can remember why it is actually happening.

Perhaps the most militarily aggressive nation on the Disc, Borogravia is known for invading its neighbours and fighting wars in Night Watch , it is mentioned in passing that Borogravia has invaded Mouldavia. However, it struggles to keep up with this demand because of its crippled economy caused by highly inconvenient "abominations" , and as a result of fighting the country is seriously short of young men, so much that a proportion of its soldiers are in fact women in disguise see Monstrous Regiment. Zlobenia, a pun on Slovenia , with its capital Rigour, a pun on Riga , is a principality ruled by Prince Heinrich, who is described as tall, handsome, and smug.

It has fought numerous wars with Borogravia, usually territorial disputes over the River Kneck, which forms the border between the two nations and frequently changes its course after flooding. Zlobenia's soldiers wear blue uniforms. Borogravians call Zlobenians ' swede eaters'. Heinrich has visions of making Zlobenia "the Ankh-Morpork of the mountains", much to the amusement of Samuel Vimes. Heinrich is also heir to the Borogravian throne after the death of the Duchess Annagovia. In Monstrous Regiment he declares war against Borogravia to assert his claim. The Chalk is an area of rolling chalk downland near Lancre , bearing a great resemblance to Pratchett's native Wiltshire.

The "soft" geology of the area is, according to some mountain witches, not conducive to the channelling of magic. In fact this is a misconception the bones of the hills are flint , and powerful witches can and do reside there, although the local baron has outlawed witchcraft, meaning they do not identify themselves as such. This law has since been repealed or at least ignored by the new baron since Tiffany Aching began openly practicing magic there. Llamedos is a land noted for its druids , its bards , and its rain. Rain is the chief export of Llamedos; it has rain mines, [8] in addition to ore and coal mines. Llamedos is run by druids, who dot the land with stone circles used for computation.

This is a lifetime job, since they frequently need upgrading. Llamedos is a fairly obvious parody of the British constituent country Wales. Its annual bardic competition, the Eisteddfod , is still held in Wales. The name is a reference to Dylan Thomas 's radio play " Under Milk Wood ", for which he created the fictitious Welsh town of Llareggub "bugger all" spelled backwards ; Llamedos, accordingly, is "Sod 'em all" spelled backwards.

The inhabitants tend to speak with a doubled-L accent, i. The Octarine Grass Country is an area of rich farmland which, thanks to its proximity to the Ramtops, also happens to be saturated with magic. So saturated, in fact, that it is possible to grow re-annual crops: crops that germinate and grow the spring before they are planted. This is the homeland of Mort. The most notable region beyond the Sto Plains is the small city of Genua, a Morporkian-speaking nation that bears some resemblance to New Orleans.

Its most significant appearance in the books is in Witches Abroad. The name Genua is probably based on Genoa , a city in Italy. Local transport is by cattle- or troll-powered paddleboats with onboard gambling. The local witch, Erzulie Gogol , is a Voodoo mambo complete with personal zombie in her case, that of the former ruler of the principality, Baron Saturday , who himself shares a name with a famous Voodoo god and the local food is essentially Cajun cuisine , including gumbo. She was obsessed with fairy tales and thought she could force everyone to be happy if only she could get them to follow the logic of the "happy ending.

Soon, the city began to resemble a skewed version of Disneyland. The name "Genua" therefore could also be an ironic echo of "genuine", which is exactly what Genua, at this time, was not. Eventually, thanks to the efforts of the Lancre Coven , Lily was deposed and sent to a dimension of endless mirrors, and Ella was able to assume her role as Baroness of Genua without marrying a frog like Lily had intended. The state first gained power under General Tacticus , who, having been sent there by the Morporkian Empire to stay out of the way, proceeded to declare war on Ankh-Morpork. According to the novel Going Postal , Genua is located approximately 2, miles 3, km from Ankh-Morpork by road, a journey of two months by stagecoach. A faster method is to travel by flying broomstick , whereby the city can be reached in a single day, though this may involve losing one's ears or freezing to death.

The continent of Klatch consists of that part of the Discworld's super continent that is rimwards of the Circle Sea. Like the distinction between Europe and Asia, the difference between Klatch and the unnamed continent that Ankh-Morpork stands upon is arbitrary and cultural rather than geographically evident. It can be thought of as roughly equivalent to Africa. The continent's principal nation, also called Klatch, is a large multi-ethnic empire rimwards to turnwise of the Circle Sea.

It resembles medieval Arabic states, and has a political system similar to the Ottoman Empire. Its capital is Al Khali popularly known as 'the Gateway to the mysterious continent of Klatch' , and it includes outlying regions such as Hersheba and Syrrit. Klatch is a commercial rival of Ankh-Morpork — the book Jingo depicts a brief war between the two mainly on economic land ownership grounds. It is also a common metaphorical boundary for anything considered genuinely "foreign", despite other areas of similar distance not being considered as such.

There is some cultural mistrust between the Sto Plains and Klatch, as evidenced by the phrase "Pardon my Klatchian" upon speaking a rude word. Despite the tendency of Morporkians to see Klatchians as savages, Jingo makes clear that Klatchians are technologically and scientifically advanced. It is said that the Klatchians had 15 words for assassination before the rest of the world had caught on to the idea of hitting each other with rocks. This situation parallels that which existed between Europe and the Arab world throughout the Middle Ages. In Sourcery , the Seriph was Creosote , a rather vain and foolish man who was obsessed with poetry. A genie reportedly granted a great fortune to his grandfather, which was more or less squandered by modern times.

It is unknown whether Creosote is still Seriph; the Prince Cadram and Prince Khufurah appeared in Jingo , but it is unknown whether they are relatives of Creosote. The name is probably a play on " coffee klatsch "; a recognition of its most famous export, Klatchian coffee. The principal deity of Klatch is Offler, a crocodile -headed god. Al Khali has been described by Rincewind as "like Ankh , only with sand instead of mud". It is bisected by the Tsort River. The city is noted for its wind, which blows from the vast deserts of Klatch, and has been described as "a gentle but persistent breeze". Notable features of the city include. Klatchian coffee is a strong, nearly magical coffee, brewed in Klatch and drunk only by the initiated in very small cups.

Presumably an exaggerated version of Turkish coffee , Klatchian coffee has a strong sobering effect, bringing the drinker "to the other side of sobriety". This state of sobriety is referred to as knurd "drunk" spelled backwards; compare the entry in the Jargon File [10].

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