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The Boomerang Culture

JSTOR The Boomerang Culture Meet Sian The Boomerang Culture, first Workplace Bullying And Harassment Essay woman to pilot a spacecraft. ISSN Share Share Tweet Email 0. The Boomerang Culture 1.

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She was eventually awarded first runner-up in the Miss U. For a short time she attended Cleveland's Cuyahoga Community College, where she studied broadcast journalism. However, Berry abandoned her idea of a career in news reporting before receiving her degree. Choosing to wholeheartedly devote her time to a career in entertainment, Berry first moved to Chicago and then to New York City, where she found work as a catalog model. As the s turned into the '90s, the aspiring actress began a career in television with a role on the short-lived sitcom Living Dolls , followed by a year-long run on the CBS prime-time drama Knots Landing , in Berry's first big-screen break came later that year when she was cast as Samuel L.

Jackson 's drug-addicted girlfriend in Spike Lee 's critically-acclaimed film Jungle Fever. More substantial supporting roles followed, including that of a stripper in the action-thriller The Last Boy Scout , starring Bruce Willis , and as the woman who finally wins the heart of Eddie Murphy in the romantic comedy Boomerang With a few films under her belt, Berry accepted more offbeat roles, making cameos in the rockumentary CB4 , which traced the rise and fall of a rap group by the same name.

Berry offered a no-holds-barred performance as a rehabilitated crack addict seeking to regain custody of her son in Losing Isaiah Berry, who played opposite Jessica Lange and David Strathairn, was noted for her believable portrayal of a mother struggling with addiction and loss. The latter film marked Berry's first leading role in a feature. In , she took a turn as one of three wives laying claim to Frankie Lyman's estate in the biographical drama Why Do Fools Fall in Love? In , Berry released her most passionate project to date, co-producing and starring in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge , an HBO biopic. Berry was noted for her striking resemblance to the late Dorothy Dandridge , and for her engaging depiction of the actress' struggle to succeed in the racially biased industry of s Hollywood.

Berry continued to star in blockbuster hits, including X-Men , the big-budget screen adaptation of the long-running Marvel Comic. In the highly anticipated summer release, Berry's character, Storm, teamed up with fellow mutant heroes played by Anna Paquin and Patrick Stewart. Berry garnered the most positive critical notice of her film career in the dark drama Monster's Ball. Berry played the wife of a death row prisoner Sean "Puffy" Combs who becomes romantically involved with a racist prison guard Billy Bob Thornton.

The role earned Berry a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a drama as well as the Academy Award for best actress. In her emotional acceptance speech, Berry acknowledged the honor of becoming the first African American woman to win the Oscar for best actress by thanking all the performers who came before her. Also in , Berry co-starred with John Travolta in the action movie Swordfish.

She then starred in the horror flick Gothika , which drew mostly tepid reviews but fared well at the box office. However, her talents did little to save the adaptation of DC Comics' Catwoman , a commercial and critical flop. She also lent her voice for the CGI cartoon project, Robots. In , the actress starred in the heart-racing thriller Perfect Stranger , alongside Willis. Following a series of smaller films, she reemerged for the Wachowski siblings' Cloud Atlas , playing numerous characters across the time-traveling epic. In the Steven Spielberg -produced series, she plays an astronaut who returns to earth pregnant after a month solo space mission.

In , Berry starred in the abduction thriller Kidnap and was among the supporting players in the action-comedy Kingsman: The Golden Circle. In , she co-starred in another action franchise sequel, John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum , and served as executive producer of the BET series Boomerang , based on her earlier film. In April , she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Additionally, Berry is widely acknowledged for her beauty. Playboy magazine named her among the " Sexiest Women of the Century" in In February , the actress faced controversy when she was involved in a hit-and-run accident that erupted into a tabloid scandal.

One such villain was Captain Boomerang -- who by this point had increasingly turned to drink and become a laughing stock in the villain community. But this was also the period where Captain Boomerang discovered he had a son, Owen -- who inherited the super-speed powers of his mother, Meloni Thawne. Eventually, however, Boomerang was approached about a potential job: breaking into the home of Tim Drake's father Jack and murdering the man. Believing it to be an easy enough assignment, Boomerang followed his instructions. However, he was unaware that his benefactor -- Jean Loring, wife of the Atom and the true murderer of Sub Dibny -- had arranged for Jack to be warned of Captain Boomerang.

Sending Jack a pistol, Robin's father was able to defend himself and fired off a round at Captain Boomerang just as the Flash villain let loose one of his boomerangs. The pair killed each other and bled out in the apartment before being found by Batman. The intention was to frame Boomerang for Sue's murder as well, but it wasn't long before the truth was revealed. Owen was taken in by the Flash Rogues and became the new Captain Boomerang -- augmenting the brief training he'd received from his father with his natural super-speed. Enraged by the loss of the father he'd just gotten to start to know, Owen became a dangerous new member of the Rogues. His full potential was realized during the events of Blackest Night , which saw the deathly entity Nekron.

This included the original Captain Boomerang, who was caught by his son. Believing this might be the chance to resurrect him, Owen spent Blackest Night: The Flash by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins capturing and "feeding" civilians to his Dad while keeping him trapped in a pit, due to a lie told to him by the Nekron-controlled remains of his father. When the other Rogues discovered his actions, they were horrified. Although they could understand where he was coming from and why he'd done it, Captain Cold couldn't abide his betrayal of one of the villain groups few codes: to never knowingly attack women and children.

However, he The Boomerang Culture unaware that his benefactor -- Jean Loring, wife of the Atom and the The Boomerang Culture murderer of Sub Dibny -- had arranged for Jack The Boomerang Culture be warned of Captain Boomerang. Stone With One Gigantic The Boomerang Culture. The investigation The Boomerang Culture up a number of potential suspects, with various Shirley Chisholms Speech being potentially tied The Boomerang Culture the crime.